International contest Easter through children’s eyes 2014

International contest Easter through children’s eyesSărbătoarea Paştelui în ochii copiilor

La Festa di Pasqua negli occhi dei bambini / Las Pascuas a través de los niños

2014 Edition – CAER, no. 1192

Decorative and creative works and / or painted eggs

OFFICIAL RULES (versiune în Română AICI)


1.a.1. Ethnographic and Folk Art Museumpart of Eco-Museum Research Institute (I.C.E.M), located in 9 Mai Street, No. 2, Tulcea, Romania, Post Code 820026, phone: 0040 – 0240 – 516204

1.a.2 Youth Centre – Tulcea, located in Dobrogeanu Gherea Street, No. 4A,  phone: 0040 –0240 – 517109

1.a.3. Folkloriamo Mărţişor Associationlocated in Nievo Street, No. 2 /B  Rovigo (RO), 45100, Italy, cell 0039/3349218367 , e-mail  or The Association will be a local point for contest for Italy.

1.a.4. Association ACASĂ from Zaragoza, located in Zaragoza, Spain, c/Bartolomé Llorente, 1°B, C.P. 50011, e-mail The Association will be a local point for contest for Spain.

1.a.5. Media Partners:, AGERPRES,, Evenimente Tulcea, Obiectiv, Ziarul de Tulcea, DIGI24,, Radio Constanța,, Radio3net, ,,, Delta Dunării Ultimă Frontieră.

1.b. The participants are required to comply with the terms and conditions of official regulation.

1.c. The Official Rules are elaborated and will be made ​​public as required by law. The organizers reserve the right to modify or change the Official Rules, and this changes will take effect only after the publication on the museum’s blog:


The competition is open to preschoolers and students worldwide.


The contest begins March 25th, 2014 and ends May 30th, 2014. Entries in the contest will be realized until April, 25th.


 4.a. Participants will send to one of these addresses:

– Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum, part of Eco-Museum Research Institute (I.C.E.M), located in 9 Mai Street, No. 2, Tulcea, Romania, Post Code 820026, e-mail

– Folkloriamo Mărţişor Association, located in Nievo Street, No. 2 /B  Rovigo (RO), 45100, Italy, cell 0039/3349218367 , e-mail  or

– Association ACASĂ from Zaragoza, located in Zaragoza, Spain, c/Bartolomé Llorente, 1°B, C.P. 50011, e-mail

 one collective decorative and creative work about Easter (or other traditional/local spring holiday having similarities with Easter) thematics and / or a basket with decorated (empty) eggs.

SECTIONS: DRAWING, GRAPHICS, ICON, DECORATED EGG / PYSANKY, CREATIVE ARTS, PHOTO – ESSAY (up to 8 photos in jpg format, mailed to Participants assume the authenticity of the work, otherwise they are disqualified.

The jury recommends the thematic inspiration from the local or national Easter traditions and crafts (e.g. Carnival, Lent, Easter, Ascension Day etc). We will not exclude other spring celebrations like Newruz, Hidrellez etc.

The photographic essay will have no more than 8 digital photographs illustrating the child’s perception of the great feasts (examples: Shrove Tuesday, preparing for Easter Night, Resurrection, Easter etc.). They will be accompanied necessarily by: title and a brief description (localization of captured phenomena, significance). Description will be made in the one of the following languages: Romanian, English, Italian or Spanish. The diplomas will be send in this case on-line.

4.b. The decorative work and / or the basket with eggs will be clearly labeled (in front) with the following information: class / group, the name of teacher – coordinator, school / kindergarten, town, country, contact details: phone number, address and / or e-mail.

4.c. Participation in the competition of groups of students from other areas than Tulcea city can be done using the postal services or e-mail, but no later than April 25th, 2014.

4.d. For further information contact the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art Tulcea, phone: 0040 – 0240 – 516204 (from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), e-mail:; Youth Centre – Tulcea: Viorica Chiriș – tel. 0240/ 517109; Folkloriamo Mărţişor Associatione-mail  or; Association ACASĂ from Zaragoza, e-mail


5.a. Winners will be chosen by a jury of representants of the three cultural institutions.

5.b. Winners are announced after May 30th, 2014, on the blog, or on the phone.


6.a.1. Awards will be done at the Etnographical and Folk Art Museum of Tulcea, after visiting the temporary exhibition Once upon a time. Visiting hours: 8-16 (October – May) /9-17 (May – October); entrance fee: 3 RON/ child.

6.a.3. Awards will be done by Folkloriamo Mărţişor Association – Rovigo, Italy.

6.a.4. Awards will be done by Association ACASĂ from Zaragoza, Spain.

6.b. Awards will consist in diplomas and museum pedagogy activities.

6.c. Diplomas of the competitors from other counties / countries who can not participate in educational activities organized at the museum, will be sent by courier using the retourn envelope (see 4.c.), after May 30th 2014. We have also the variant of sending diplomas in online version (PDF or JPEG), for those who prefer this option.


This Regulation is available to any persons or authorities concerned, and is published on the blog . Participation in the competition implies the obligation to comply with these regulations.


8.a. The contest’s organizers will respect the rights of all participants, in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

8.b. Entrants agree that personal data, especially name and address, may be processed in our database, and will be used promoting the museum activity (educational offers, contests, educative – cultural events, exhibitions).


Winners’ names will be available online at  after May 30th 2014.


9.a. Participants in this contest agree with this Regulation.

9.b. Any breach of the Contest rules result in automatic cancelation of prizes.

9.c. By accepting the prize, participants agree that their work is made ​​public and used for promotion by the organizers, in various prints, audio or video. Images are for presentation purposes.

9.d. The complaints about the contest can be sent to the following address: Ethnographical and Folk Art Museum of Tulcea, May 9 Street, No. 2, Postal Code 820026, phone: 0040 – 0240 – 516204 (between 8-16 hours) until the date on which this regulation takes effect or by mail at After this time, organizers will not consider any appeal.


If for any reason the Contest is not capable of running as planned, due to a major force event, the organizers reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Contest


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